Yep, another emoticon to face the day =

Why spell it out, when you can say it with an emoticon.  I could have gone for :/ but I thought it important I ended on a high point (smile facing up) and those little beady eyes look too vulnerable for me today.

Though lately I feel like I’m dismissing too many days as being ‘ one of those days’.  I asked DH if he thought I might be depressed?  I’m certainly down about my current inability to move myself on. He wasn’t prepared to make a call on it though I can see he feels my pain.

Here are some obvious steps I can take:

Lighten up: i.e. dye my hair  I’ve been stretching out my last semi-permanent colour as long as I can. I need to go to the hairdressers.  Things (me) should look brighter.

Action:  Make a hair appointment.

Change my outlook: i.e. replace my glasses.  Though I have my current pair less than a year, the lens are scratched badly so I look at the world through a permanently smudged  window. (^0_0^)

Action: Visit opticians, choose new frames and replace my lens.

De-clutter: to really expect clear thoughts I should have clear thoroughfares.  The obstacles in my house (piles of laundry, stacks of unread books and newspapers etc) must be a manifestation of the blocks in my head.  De-junk and clarity should follow.

Action: Go to my bedroom. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.  I reckon I’m about 25 paces from my proverbial portrait in the attic (messroom with bed in) but it feels like there’s a shark infested ocean between us.

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