Remotely interested… and with nothing to lose (well £60 but that’s debateable)

When an offer to assist in the shovelling comes along (remember readers I’m in a rut) it would be fatuous to decline. And so it came to be a fortnight ago that I was sat perched on the edge of my seat peering at the small screen on my iPhone as it balanced precariously wedged between a coffee mug and pen holder.

At the appointed hour, my Skype caller appeared to me. An innocuous-looking lady with a disarming smile introduced herself. While she could do Angel readings, I would not be receiving a celestial forecast. I was there for the colour healing/unblocking. I’ll have you know, as I had her know, that this was not my first encounter with chakras. Many years ago, totally lost and desolate at the end of a long relationship, I sought out the services of a colour healer. I knew I needed help but couldn’t bear voicing how I was feeling. I was weary from wearing my pain every day, from waking to it each morning. My only release came with sleep. Until I visited a lady in a Dublin suburb, said little, lay on her treatment bed and got lost in the sounds of wood pipes. An hour later I floated out of her home and back to my life full of hope, no sign of woe. There were no relapses just steady progress as I regained my form and more.

Once again, I’ve felt the need of a healer.  Time has moved on and with it mediums I suppose. It did feel a little odd that we wouldn’t be meeting in person. She tried to make me comfortable in my own home. “Get yourself in a relaxed position. If you’d prefer to lie on your sofa or on the floor, please do.”  Well, I don’t do ‘at ease’ so we agreed to proceed with me still perched on the edge of my seat. Colette could see, metaphorically speaking, that I was cowering in a  heavy grey blanket. This is not good. Black would have been a funeral shroud so this grey hue is not good at all. It was icy cold to boot, a sign that it had been around me for some time.

While we spoke Colette’s arms flagged wildly like she was wading through sugar cane with a machete.  I was to try to ignore this. As I was unpeeled in this fashion, I spoke about what was on my mind. I talked about my future.  About the crossroad I find myself at again as my son settles comfortably into his reception class . I jumped from one half-baked business idea to another hair-brained scheme, from one fear to another hope. Colette can call on clairvoyance and this was channelled too. I must have mentioned to her that I viewed my redundancy as a blessing, a gift. She recited this back to me and I do want to hold on to that thought. My redundancy IS a gift. She suggested I would become a portfolio person -the jack of all trades I’ve channelled before.  I’ve seen this as a weakness, it would become my strength. I would not get my income from a single source but from many. I need not choose or dismiss one interest but mine several strands.

When she felt she had unravelled all those layers of grey and set my chakras spinning  again, she started to wind up our session.Was that all or was there anything else she could fix? Did I mention that Colette dabbles in regression therapy? She’s a midwife too but I wouldn’t be requiring those services in the near or distant future. I told her I felt I had an issue around money. A healer had said as much to me before. Negative associations I have about money are stopping me from making much of my own. Like thinking that rich people are mean and too much money is vulgar. So Colette thought about my money admissions and said it was little wonder.  In a past life I lived in a bourgeoisie family in France. My parents wanted me to wed a very wealthy landowner. He was old and ugly. I was 15. I refused and lived out my days as a nun in a convent instead. Colette prescribed a combination of chin tapping and affirmations or EMT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to the initiated. And for the next five minutes I did as she instructed.

My consultation was over. Colette told me I could transfer her fee online and hopefully over the next few weeks feel the benefits of all this healing.

And do I feel the lift? I think so. At any rate I feel no worse, though I am £60 worse-off.  Mind you if I keep up the tapping and mantras I should recoup this, right?


If only mine was signposted

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    1. Ah Shucks! Could so do with some Feng Shui tips – have let fly lady slip, am afraid! Am doing a writing for wellbeing workshop in a fortnight…will do a post on it. Had a counselling assessment due so have been sloppy about everything else – kids meals – of the nutritious variety(!)/housework and keeping in touch. Promise to focus on those this week!!

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