What have we got here # 1

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To most, this is simply a bottle of shower gel. Though maybe it’s not the bottle you’d buy when the one in your bathroom is low. Enriched with relaxing P.D.O (Protected Designation of Origin) lavender essential oil from Haute-Provence it cleanses the skin ever so gently while leaving behind a subtle pleasant scent.  Not a cheap procedure. I’m guessing it’s the “ever so gently” and “subtle” that shoots up the rrp to £13. Over 6 times what I’d pay for my regular gel (if it’s not on offer – 12 times when it is).

I was given it in the summer as a gift. Almost immediately I thought who can I gift it on to. Not because I didn’t like it. On the contrary. It was too good for me to use. Or just plain too good for me. I had plenty of beneficiaries in mind. So I put it away, still in its pretty L’occitane packaging. And every time there was an occasion when I could have parted with it, I didn’t. I’d reach for the bottle and feel a resistance.  A niggle.  That the gel was rightfully mine.

It did well to survive the Christmas gift-giving. Heading into 2014, with my word for the year being Abundance  (and funnily enough I picture that as a golden shower) as I was doing my daily ablutions on Monday I reached for it  – my little bottle of self-worth.

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