Vitamins junkie with Palaeontologist son

A wise person does at once, what a fool does at last  (Baltasar Gracian)

Yesterday I received a text from a market research company recruiting for a focus group. Would I take part in a discussion that lasts 100 mins and pays £65? And the clincher – do I take multi-vitamins?

I understood enough to know that these groups don’t gather a bunch of people to talk about why you’re NOT their customer. So first opportunity, I popped in to my local chemist and stocked up on vitamins. I hadn’t realised I was so deficient! I’ve got my effervescent vitamin C tablets(blackcurrant) and my calcium pellets enriched with Vitamins A and D. I told the cashier to hold off on the Wellwoman pills -but I might be back for them.

By the time the group would meet in mid January, my reasoning went,  I’d be able to compare,complement and complain with the best of them. I’d listened to the pharmacist and even made notes. I had my crib sheet on stand-by when I finally got round to calling Tracy from market research. Last chat I’d had with her, she’d forced my hand and gotten me to concede that I wasn’t an Asda customer. I’d talked myself off the panel and I wasn’t going to do the same again.

But you know what she tells me  –  they’ve got their quota. My reconnoitre trip to the pharmacy cost me the job. Unlike me, the other ladies contacted had got straight on the phone.

Next an opportunity comes along for Sawyer. Does he get scare easy and how is he late in the evening?  The boy is fearless.  He didn’t flinch through all the Harry Potter movies and he chuckles through Dr Who. I worry about his detachment sometimes.  He loves to stay up late and only gets grumpy when I enforce his bedtime curfew.  But his clincher – does he like dinosaurs?  They haven’t featured in his boyhood yet.  But a ticket to ‘Walking with Dinosaurs – the Arena spectacular’ is too great a gift to pass up.  I’ve been to the charity shop and a fortnight from now my boy will know his Troodon (brainiest dinosaur) from his Plateosaurus (dumbest)

As the promotional material prompts – Don’t wait another 65 million years. Look where my hesitation got me earlier in the day.  Though at least I’ll have strong bones and will be less likely to succumb to colds.



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