What do you see…Two cans of Heinz Spaghetti?

Last night walking back from the station having taken the 23.12  from Waterloo I saw something else. Security and defence. I was armed. My weapon the two weighty cans. I felt so much safer carrying them. As the plastic carrier bag swung by my side, I thought should I be attacked, I’ll give as good as I get. I’ll give better – a pot shot of two weighty spaghetti cans. Comforting thoughts that got me home safe.

photo (6)

This morning they were cans again.  Until I cut the lids off with a can-opener,  toppled out their contents and peeled away the wrappers as per the instructions my daughter carried home from school. Greased with butter and lined with parchment paper, now I was looking at a couple of Christmas cake baking tins that would be filled with the batter the children weighed out and assembled in their classrooms later today.

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