This didn’t end up being a penance post after all

This is not a sponsored post.  This is a penance post.  Masochists might enjoy reading on.  I said I’d do 40 posts during Lent so by gum I will.  I said I’d give up chocolate and 3 days in I peeled the chocolate off my daughter’s Magnum so she could honour her temperance. She’s still clean but her chocolate habit was tame compared to mine. Yeah, peeled it with my teeth and disposed of the offensive chards in my stomach!  So I’m throwing my weight (and soul) behind the blog promise.

On Friday I went in to town to meet a pal.  Over Lattes and a Mille-Feuille we caught up.  Followed this up with a quick scoot to John Lewis.  Swung by the Kids department and a pair of size 2 ivory satin pomps feel in to my lap with a sales tag  -£7.50!- swinging from them.    To complete my DD’s Holy Communion outfit and bringing it all in for under 50.  With the savings I slid down to Waitrose to buy the lunch I’d need for a play date, bumped in to a neighbour at the till and get an offer of a ride home.  A value-added ride at that.   I know she’s a business mentor and psychotherapist. She asks about my situation.  Without having to lie prostrate I talk  about my confusion, indecisiveness etc.  She pep talks, recommends a book and promises a follow-up over coffee when I’ve read the book.  I disembark feeling slightly less chaotic.

I have 45 mins turnaround time in the house before doing the school run.  I take a Skype call from a good pal who knows me well.  We talk about procrastination.  I tell her about my ride home, she reminds me of an energy therapist she’d recommended and I end up making another pledge.  By our next conversation I’ll have bought the book to bring on the coffee talk and I’ll have made contact with the therapist.

Scrub the penance post title.  No doubt there’ll be one of those soon.  No this post has earned its keep. Another step towards my resurrection.






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