The writing’s on the wall….

Last weekend placed me in Bristol for the final stage of a course I began over fourteen months ago on Creative writing for wellbeing and reflective practice.  The directive was to “develop and consolidate skills as reflective practitioners in order to facilitate others”.  It’s been a lovely journey and in the true spirit of the course I did reflect on my progress as I sat on the 6.10 train from Twickenham to Bristol on Saturday morning. I was looking forward to a weekend spent learning about and practising what I love with a bunch of like-minded people. I whipped out my pad and pen and started to write but it was too early for coherent thoughts to flow.  Instead I looked out the window. As we approached one of the stations en route I noticed a gable on a building with huge letters spelling out CHANGE.  Could this be a message for me?  A signpost.  Perhaps I’m not on the right track after all. As our train drew closer I noticed the smaller script running a long side it.  S-E-E.  SEE CHANGE.  And you know I can.

(I didn’t get a picture of the gable from the train but saw these murals in Bristol later).


photo (74)
Don’t miss the obvious


photo (73)


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