The cake is up for grabs

Last week at counselling class we were asked to think about our “family motto”. What’s our strapline. Our USP. The script we were handed down by our parents or the script we hand down to our kids.

The Jones….setting the bar. I’m not a Jones and that wasn’t mine. Actually it wasn’t anyones. I made it up just now. This wasn’t an exercise to see who could be most clever. We were to say what first came to mind. And for me, there were no contenders.

“For the service of others”.

It might be good ad copy for a department store or the army corps but not for a family. The message was to put others before ourselves. Our own needs and wants were secondary. I think the rationale behind it was that if everyone had that motto the world would be a better place. But they didn’t, it was mostly my family so we were operating from a higher ground but at a loss.

Next I got thinking about the message I relay to my husband and kids. I think it’s probably something along the lines of ‘Be Kind’. Better. Or maybe not. Is it not more of the same. Be kind, and give way. Be kind and let that other child have that last slice of cake at that birthday party. Why shouldn’t my kids get the last slice of cake. Why should they settle for crumbs.

So I’m rewriting ours and I want it to be one I’d have liked growing up. “Follow your dreams” . You want that last slice of chocolate fudge cake – you go for it!


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