Summer 2015

Pick any other 7 week slice of the year and compare it with the one spanning school holidays. Same time stretch but yet….

How our kids have grown, complexions changed, weather jumped. Accounting for our chunk…parks, museums, fruit-picking, crafting

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IMG_5522 IMG_5480 (1)


And then… a trip across the Irish sea with suitcases on our knees (Holyhead bound Virgin train with carriages fit for day trippers) – 15 hours door to door. I felt a duty to give my kids the boat crossing. A shared   experience of a journey that so many Irish have made before them. The Fleadh and our TV-screen bombing (did you spot us),beaches (aka Wild Atlantic Way), family, friends, a ghost, stones.



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 I spent 4 days on an intensive journaling course at a meditation and mindfulness centre in Dublin …and the tough bit…in silence.  Checked-in with Mind, Body and Spirit and found body especially wanting. Nourishing food for a start. I learnt how to make porridge bread. I plan on giving myself the gift of sleep. I’ll aim for 7 hours and gradually stretch that to 8. I dream most nights and have been lazy about harnessing them. And I’d like to introduce a meditation practice in to my day. The holiday is over and the work can commence.

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