Regrets…I’ve had a few

I have felt held back by the memory of paths I’ve not walked, of leads I’ve not followed.  But this very day as I thread treacle (just like I did yesterday and the day before) I actually don’t think that’s the block.  Not anymore. Maybe that’s progress of a sort.  I can’t trade on being an ‘almost this’ or an ‘almost that’. I am as I stand here before you.

An act of indulgence this morning saw me surf the web and loose myself in possibilities and other realms of existence.  I bounced from sites and blogs to you-tube clips and tweets.

Here’s what’s stuck:

“The only difference between a rut and a grave is depth.”  I’m still looking for my rope but know I’m probably going to have to get my hands dirty as I start to claw my way out of mine.

“Thoughts become things”.  Yep, so I’d best get thinking about lots of lovely things. That idiom came from Mike Dooley (The Secret) and he suggested we start scrapbooks or mood boards and fill them with representations of what it is we want.  A scrapbook is on my shopping list.

I read about a workshop I’d love to attend:  Breaking the habit of being yourself by Dr Joe Dispenza.  It’s a real shame that I’ll be awat.

Following some threads took me to a 3 minute chakra test which I failed miserably.  6 of my 7 chakras are closed.  The least sickly one is ‘weak’.   For $139 I could have got myself the tools  (by adding to cart) to have the 7 spinning in harmony.  Funny, I don’t doubt the diagnosis.

I listened to Mumford sons singing ‘Roll away your stone”.

More about esoteric me in another post.  Right now, and Guardian jobs need stoking







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