Picture this…

Yesterday I spied 7 trucks parked on the curb opposite a church.  They were loaded with floral tributes to commemorate the passing of a local traveller. On board and made out of flowers were a giant slush puppy (it dwarfed my 7 year old), a robinson’s orange bottle, a life-size washing machine, a sofa, a truck, a traditional cottage, a landscaped house with garden (so well made I recognised the home), Elvis, a guitar and a heart. Wreaths spelt out her name in letters and “What news” which I am guessing was a catchphrase of the deceased.  The floral art would have made for great photos but it didn’t seem right to take out my camera. So like an itch I couldn’t scratch I showed restraint and walked on by. RIP Aunty Phyllis, you must have been quite the character.


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