My Phoenix is rising…. fingers crossed

It didn’t happen back in March 2011 (when I started my blog) nor in Jan 2012 (Resolution opportunity) so maybe the 40 day stretch that starts today with Ash Wednesday will be the clinch for regular posting!  That and early nights.  I might stay off chocolate though I don’t want to commit yet.  The fact that I am still nursing a stupendous toothache might be fooling my resolve.  There are sooo many other things I’d love to give up/take up as part of  my ‘Rescue me ‘/’Chasing the boat’ program.

My DD earnestly announced that her Lenten promise was to stop playing on the Wii.  A very noble commitment represented in laminated artwork at school .  Forty days without her console until we calculated that it’s been about that long since she last threw shapes to Just Dance 2!

I chide my kids for watching too much TV with “how is this advancing you in any way” while Tracy Beaker vents in the background.  But what of me and my checking out Facebook.  To my credit I don’t post. I’ve nothing to share with these FB friends. Though I did get a buzz from my ‘chat’ earlier today with an old uni pal whose just had twins.  We were roommates 25 years ago and its been about a decade since we met.  It was nice to have that contact. Brief but sincere.

But what of all the FB banality from my FB friends (friends at its loosest meaning).  There are two guys in particular – both dads now but ladies men of yore.  We’ll call him Alan – my pal lost her cherry to him on an overnight away from his co-habiting partner.  It was a big deal for her, a notch on the post for him.  I last saw Alan 15 years ago.  I gather he’s married and a proud father.  Fair dues.  We’ve had pictures of Kids report cards and merit awards. But to post about how clever his son was for going a couple of nights without soiling his nappy!!  Then this other FB pal – last contact about 10 years ago – an unknown to Alan – posts something along the same lines last week.  I was able to retrieve his post

‘ Great news – my son, just over 2 years now stopped wearing nappies and is happy telling us when he needs to go’  Pleeeeaze!

And this from another ladies man.

The men aren’t the only FB bores.

There’s Eve who tells us – ‘kids in bed, ironing done, glass in hand’.  We get a variant of that every other evening.  Eve – GET A LIFE!

Actually Lily’s would be a good one if it was up for grabs.  We get regular installments about how great her life is as an emigrant in the Southern Hemisphere.  We hear of her front row seats at pop concerts or see her photos ‘by my pool’. Her (self) congratulatory posts to her daughter for academic achievements. Tooooo much I say.

As for me – my brag, which I won’t be sharing on FB, is that I’ve completed this post  –  the first of my forty!

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