Passing on the baton

After our audience with Judith Kerr, on leaving the theatre we decided to wait until the rugby crowd had made their way to Twickenham stadium before attempting our journey home.  We’d an hour to fill. I love pouring over the weekend newspapers and knew I’d get my fix from any of the Richmond coffee shops.  But I knew I wouldn’t get peace unless Amber was occupied too so first we popped in to the newsagent and bought her the current edition of ‘First News‘, the UK national newspaper for children.  For Christmas I plan on getting her a subscription. Who knows how long it will be available in print format but I know she’ll love receiving a copy through our letterbox and addressed to her.

My own love of newspapers goes back along way.  When I’d return from school, I’d take the Irish Times, a broadsheet too big to manage sitting up, and spread it on the floor by the French doors before hurling myself on top, inking the elbows on my uniform shirt.  I’d start at page 1 and work my way methodically to the death announcements at the back.  In the beginning I didn’t delay on many of those pages but as I matured and took more interest in current affairs I’d discover yet another section or column that fed that interest.

I’m hoping to nurture the same curiosity for the world outside in my daughter.  She’s keen.  She did enjoy our read-in at the cafe, enhanced by hot chocolates and gingerbread.  Later at home, I seized upon another ploy to strengthen her attachment to First News.  I suggested she write about our morning with Judith Kerr and email her ‘report’ with picture to the newspaper.  She fashioned the news item herself.  I just fed her the last line, typed the text and attached a photo.  I’m hoping to carry an exclusive update in the next few weeks. Watch this space!

Note:  This is not a sponsored post.  If you are thinking about getting your child a subscription for First News, another hook is a 2013 scrapbook that comes with it.  Now that’s right up my daughters street. She’ll be able to pick and choose her favourite news stories to make her own record of 2013.  There’s that, and the diary she’ll also find in her stocking… precursors


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