Eyes on the Leprachaun to get the pot of gold

Our black recycle bin (bottles, plastic and aluminum) is already full to the brim. It never has been before. Mostly bottles of beer and Prosecco with some cans of Draught Guinness in too. We had a party on St Patrick’s night. And spent the days in the run up shopping, cleaning, baking and cooking. So now I’m living the post party slump. Later today I’ll probably deflate the leprechaun balloon with a straw and give the kids a giggle as I squeak out the helium. I’d better take down the tinsel shamrock chains too. The party was a big success – the Paddy-o-meter quiz was a good ice-breaker. All of our guests – bar one – got the bonus point for answering in the affirmative to ‘Do leprechaun’s really exist’. The chocolate Guinness cake did resemble a pint of Stout and had the subtle kick from the 250 mls of the black stuff. Offering the bowl of button badges upon entry was an inspired move too! A pastiche of the risqué couples game from the 70’s – but this time, the most daring outcome was a lapel badge with ‘Kiss me quick – I’m Irish’.

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