Omissions – rookie fairies and busy parents

My son couldn’t understand how the tooth fairy had forgotten about his tooth.  Frankly nor could I. DH and I shared accusatory glances. I wonder aloud if perhaps in wrapping his little tooth in a scrunched up tissue, the fairy might have mistaken it for snot rag and took off.  Lame but I hadn’t much to work with. His father suggests that it probably was a logistical oversight.  So many teeth, so few hours in the night. Or maybe they assigned him a rookie tooth-fairy.  Cut him some slack, DH pleas. It won’t happen tonight.   In fact I’m guessing there’ll be at least 2 fairies on the job.  Our good boy promises to share the levy with his sister.  This hasn’t been a good week – cramming like a teen with assignment deadlines looming, chores mounting and now slacking fairies.

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