Woodn’t want to get on the wrong side of this tree

I’m not walking around with my hands set in the framing pose…not really… though I will do a double take if I trip across an image I think might make it in to Borough View (open column on our local paper). I’ve had two published in the last couple of months. I get my kicks easy these days. Attaching a caption helps  – I’m struggling with this one. I considered ‘Taking umbrage’ but know it’s too clever both for me and the readers.  Sure, it means becoming displeased but the word has its origin in the Latin ‘umbra’ meaning shade. Umbrage came to be used in English to mean shadow or shade or the foliage of trees which cause shadows. What a perfect fit then but not now for our local picture editor.

I’ve got to be careful not to attempt to live out my dreams precariously through my daughter.  On Saturday she attended a creative writing for kids workshop in a local library, a class I’d played around with running myself (still am) but someone’s beaten me to it. She was so eager to attend – DH remarked on her bounce as she left the house early that am. When I went to fetch her, she and another girl were sat at their desks and had to be prised from their pens.

The clever tutor has guaranteed repeat attendance – the girls were told they’ll get to contribute to a ‘book’. My girl was ecstatic. So over breakfast today I found myself explaining the slush pile and vanity publishing. To a nine year old. Who believes in the tooth fairy and happy-ever-afters and now has been introduced to realism and disappointment. Not nice. Of me. It was that nobbled tree that spoke, not I.




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