My tower of self help books grows daily

Suggestion is mighty powerful.  Placebo’s work on me.  I get seasick standing on the shore.  And the queasy stomach I associate with long road journeys starts paces from the car.  So I shouldn’t be surprised by the level of comfort I get from my expanding library of personal growth books.  I know what I need and I’m patiently knocking them off. Like an assassin.  At the base of my stack is Feel the fear and do it anyway – my foundation tome – surly the best book to build upon.  I have The Secret of course and Deepak Chopra’s The 7 spiritual laws of success.  In a BOGOF offer I picked up the Obama autobiographies.  Losing my virginity – the Richard Branson’s biography fell in to my lap when I went to drop off old toys at a charity shop. I have dusted down my Heal your body and acquired Coach yourself and the Paul McKenna Change your life in 7 days workbook (with CD missing – an omission to be expected for 99p).

So what’s stopping me….

Please note:  I want you to know I was given a gift of Cameron.  I didn’t get very far with it.  I don’t like him or his politics one little bit.  I didn’t realise he was in my tower.  He’s not there now.

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