My prophetic wardrobe

This top is homework.  Purchased under instruction to  “nourish the artist within”. Though mine’s been a little slack of late, I’m trying the carrot approach for a change.


Doyenne of creativity Julia Cameron was in town a week ago and I had a ticket to see her. She’s a screen writer, author, playwright, poet, composer, once married to Martin Scorsese. Over two days she  instructed us on how to recover  our creative selves. She in turn was her brilliant and generous self. Working in clusters (I want you to approach 2 strangers)on her exercises we covered a lot of ground. Our identity as artists, beliefs (good and bad, wrong and right), possibilities, compassion, abundance, strength, connections. There were some big things that needed addressing but some immediate fixes too.What change could we make to our homes that would improve our perspective? What change to our bedroom or bathroom? To the kitchen? Replace a faulty toaster…change a light bulb…paint a wall. Then she had us look at ourselves. A body scan from head to toe but starting with crown to neck, what change could we make? Treat ourselves to a perfume, buy a moisturiser. Go to the hairdresser.


Right on cue, a day later a pal told me of a designer pop-up shop selling off their stock. I knew the action I’d take for the clavicle to waist treat. In fact once there I treated myself down to my toes and invested in a wardrobe worthy of a prolific and successful creative. With wild abandonment I purchased silks, cashmere, leather, sparkle. I had a blast. Julia would have approved. Smart tailoring for events, bling for awards, vamp for date nights. I even pulled together a look for a December stroll along Fifth Avenue. All for a fraction of the label cost. Now I just have to work on the business to go with the life and wardrobe. Chronologics askew perhaps but it  will all slot in to place in the end I’m sure.

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