MAGIC…a fortnight in to our new year and my word companion for 2015 has landed fully formed.  It started off as BELIEF and has morphed into MAGIC. I wasn’t totally satisfied sitting with belief. I thought of self-belief, always good to focus on, but wanted something more encompassing than that. Trust and belief in others, in the universe, looking for the good in people are all noble notions. But I felt I was missing something. Until I had an encounter a few days in to January.

We were heading into the city for a London day. We’d been given a gift of tickets for the annual Christmas show at the legendary Magic Circle.


 Founded in 1905 the Magic Circle is dedicated to promoting and advancing the art of magic. Their HQ is near Euston, on a cobbled street that in walking down it you feel you are travelling back to the inaugural meeting.  Members, many of them famous, have sworn to keep secret the tricks of the trade and keep the magic alive. I’m all for that. Reality has it’s place and it wasn’t in here. Roaming magicians mesmerised us before the show started. The gift shop had that effect on my son. I enjoyed the museum with props, artefacts and old photos on display. I spotted Tommy Cooper’s Fez. He was a member. The theatre is small and intimate. The show mixes magic with comedy and mystery. You feel like you’re being given a little peek in to the world of these custodians of magic.

Some of our party were trying to work out the mechanics behind the illusion. Not I! I was quite happy to suspend belief. I’d left it back on the cobbles.  At intermission I asked one of the magicians when he knew he wanted to be a magician.  He was always interested in magic and describes himself as a showoff so he joined the young magicians club at the magic circle as soon as he could. He went on to work in banking and said he knows his association with magic helped him nail his first job. Now he’s a magician full time. I wonder if my boy would have a flair for it. He’s a show man for sure. He said they don’t have a club for my cohort but that shouldn’t deter me. Though I loved the show and would love to have the skills of a magician I don’t think I’ll be studying a deck of cards anytime soon. But that doesn’t stop me from inviting MAGIC in to my life.

With the workshops I run for children and the ones I’m developing for grown-ups too I know they’ll be special because through 2015 I plan on taking a little magic and wonder with me wherever I go.

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” Roald Dahl.

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