Lessons from nature


A genius from Apple sorted out my cracked screens and migration solved the bird poop situation. Both were blights on my perspective. So my outlook is improving steadily as I work through life’s snag list .

For some days I’d been driving around without a right indicator and brake light. Easy to remedy. But not if, like me, you harbour a distrust towards motor mechanics and feel especially vulnerable in interactions with them. So bracing myself for the rip-off I drove to a small garage in our neighbourhood. Two men were busy working on a car. One offered to look my vehicle over.

He lifts the bonnet up, opens the boot and starts doing his thing. I resist the urge to talk about rogue traders and exposes as I’ve done in the past in a slightly Tourette-esque way. It doesn’t endear me to them and my suspicion triggers a self–fulfilling prophecy.

Ten minutes pass when hands are wiped on an oil rag and I ask how much they want.  He looks to his mate and I brace myself. “ Tony, what do you reckon… a contribution to our tea fund should do it?”  He tells me the bulbs only cost a few pounds and were lying around the garage. I have £7 in my purse so hand that over. I promise to bake them a cake . I leave feeling so much better after the repair. I hadn’t realised how anxious I’d been driving apologetically with my faulty lights.  I can’t believe my luck and their generosity. I needed that nod from the universe.

Today I went to make good on my offer. I dropped off the home-baked cake. They weren’t expecting it – this shot of serendipity.

It felt good to spread a little joy. I basked in that awhile until I was hit by a wave of uncertainty re the direction and speed of my own projects. Surly you’ve lodged enough in the Karma bank etc. The internal chatter went on. Until I was literally stopped in my tracks by crunching underfoot. All these little acorns spread out on the pavement ahead of me. Oh I love a sign. I smile. I hear ya.

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow

Sure, aspire to be/think/create the best. But remember a mighty oak doesn’t sprout overnight. Honour the acorns and marvel in the transformation.

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