Killing two birds with one stone – a winning combination?

The week Mark Warner Holidays announced their third blogger challenge I attended a maths information evening at my children’s school where we were encouraged to make maths come alive for our kids. I managed to find a way to combine both tasks.

I love a mission and so do my kids. The Mark Warner brief asks us to pull together a ski holiday wardrobe of 5-10 items, suggesting we take some inspiration from Polarn O.Pyret, the sponsor of the prize – a £200 shopping voucher. I knew they had an outlet in our local town so after school on Friday the kids and I headed to the shops. Here’s where the maths comes in. I told them there’d be modelling involved but I was willing to pay for their time. Tough negotiations followed and they walked away from the table with a fiver each. They agreed to my conditions  – cooperation, eager faces and no pestering for anything else. They’d get an opportunity to blow their earnings after we’d looked at the clothes.
I explained to them that we would be “window shopping”. My literal son thought it a daft term as there was no peering through glass and we weren’t out to buy window frames either. I could feel an English lesson coming on too.
Here’s what we went for:
Ear muffs from Zara (1). My daughter loved the cosy fluff balls and found they had the added benefit of blocking out her little brother’s taunts.
She also liked this fur-lined parka from Gap (2). Snug and waterproof. Note the ski pose.
This hat/scarf/mitten set (3) is from Boden. It’s not cold enough to wear outside yet but it shouts “Bring on the snow”
They both loved the Polarn O.Pyret range and we chose these items…
photo 1 (1)
The blue jacket, mittens and bobble hat (4,5,6). When the assistant mentioned that the jacket was waterproof my son was impressed and asked if you could wear it in the sea. I think he’s getting his holidays mixed up. The jacket is wind proof too. He and his sister had a virtual snow ball fight in the store.
photo 3 (1)
I loved the hat with the hound dog flaps (7) even more than he did. I may well have to buy it. In listing the benefits of this purchase he came up with camouflage and reckons he’d blend in with a pack of wolves. There’s a USP I’m guessing PO.P might have overlooked.
photo 4
He liked this look very much – zip hoodie (8) and over shoulder bag. So much so that he tried to buy the hoodie with his £5 note. He actually threw as near a tantrum as we’ve had since he was a toddler. More maths as he worked out how much he’d need to withdraw from his savings to get one. He wanted us to head to the bank straight away. It was 6pm on a Friday so that wasn’t going to happen. He thought he looked cool in the hoodie and struck a few gansta poses. He loves the pockets and did some contemplative posturing too. The top’s got a preppie vibe that I like. He wanted it so badly. The bemused assistant whispered to us that there would be 20% off all stock on Saturday. His sister helped him with that sum so he’d know how much to ask the bank teller for. I suggested we’d go home and sleep on it. He perked up considerably thinking I was going to buy him the top to “sleep upon”. I cleared that one up and lured him out of there with the promise of a mango sorbet from the ice-cream parlour next door. My shout, needless to say.
fingerless gloves
My daughter, the loom band wizard, feels her current project is a must-pack for a ski trip. Fingerless gloves (9)made entirely out of loom bands! She’s obviously thinking Apres-ski. They should be waterproof but who wants cold fingertips. Though I can see her wearing them while clutching a hot chocolate (no slippage) on a sunny terrace overlooking snowy slopes. The gloves secure a spot in our case.
No winter holiday is complete without hand knits (10) and we have quite a selection to choose from. As prolific as my daughter is with loom bands, her gran is with wool. This summer my son asked if, instead of matching him up with his sister, she’d knit jumpers for father and son. In August we collected the looky-likey jumpers. My boy was delighted, his dad horrified. Clones. It freaked DH out. They won’t make the pack but this pair of vintage woolies will. Perfect layering for under those waterproof jackets.
Suitcase bulging, we are packed and ready for off*.
P.S. We did return to the shops and the PO.P hoodie is his (#catthatgotthecream).
photo 5
This is my entry for the Mark Warner Challenge 3 in conjunction Polarn O.Pyret.  *I plan on completing the 4 challenges required to enter a draw for a family holiday with Mark Warner Holidays.

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