It’s written in the sky

The silver lining to this extended cold spell has to be the stunning skyscapes we’ve been getting.  I need to remind myself to ‘Look up’ more – I feel better when I do. The other evening as we bundled out of the car, this was my reward.  Two contrails crossed and made this giant cross in the sky, creating a celestial kiss.  I live under a flight path and since Concorde retired I rarely hear the planes pass overhead. I reached for my phone and captured the image.   The chimney stacks get a teeny look in, the tree silhouette with branches sprouting antenna and attempting to pick up a signal.   The orange/pinky hues creeping up behind.  I wouldn’t have been surprised if a wee saucer came in to view and landed in our front garden.  I called it X marks the spot.


Our local paper publishes a reader’s picture each week under the heading ‘Borough view’. I’d actually forgotten I’d mailed it in.  The paper arrived on our doorstep on Saturday evening and there was my skyscape (and my name) on page 24.  My 5 year-old wanted to know was I famous and what this did to his fame-ability… he reckoned it makes him quarter.



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