It’s been raining favours

My last hair cut was a Groupon offer but even that levy now seems a little steep with no obvious income stream in place – yet. Though I have had it in mind that I needed a trim. Last week as I popped to the high street on a mission to get my daughter some good story books having come to the end of the diary entries from a fictional passenger on the Titanic (great events retold through fictional diaries) I was approached by a young guy on the street corner.  He asked if I’d like a free blow-dry. He’d picked a good pitch close to the charity shops and a needy model in me. But I had this message to do, then dash to school for pick-up so I declined.  But just as I did with the amethyst ring, I made a u-turn. I offered my locks on another day that would suit him and went one better, asking if he needed to practice his cutting skills too. And he did! What a gift!

That’s just one obvious favour that has fallen in to my lap.  At my volunteer post today, the boss insisted I dip in to petty cash for expenses.  I’d regretted not taking her up on the offer when I started so here was my chance again.

I’ve been doing some work on my entrenched (negative) beliefs about money.  And I think the universe is taking heed to my shift and has put me on it’s payroll.

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