It’s a wonderful life

During the week I questioned my six-year old on why he’s finding it difficult to settle these nights and he simply said “There’s so much wonder in life – how can you expect me to fall asleep”.  How indeed.

I’m guessing there’s a little girl from my son’s class heading to bed tonight wondering (“Where’s my puppy?”). Yesterday I was in their school helping on an arts project. The  6 and 7-year-old kids had to write prayers on a paper ‘feather’ that will be strung to the wings of a cardboard angel as tall as themselves. Myself and another mum were there to coax the words from the children. We were redundant. The boys and girls knew exactly what they wanted to say. We had prayers thanking God for butterflies (girls), Barbie  (satirical at 6), family and rainbows (girls again), children complementing God on creation, hoping God and the angels have a nice life in heaven (that’s my boy), Sam who wished he could make fire and Celine who asked for a dog. “Please bring me a puppy on Friday”.

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