It didn’t matter that Nothing happened -cos it did kindof.

What if I am being prompted and beckoned by ‘opportunities’,   daily  even, but I’m just not tuned in to the right frequency.  How tragic would that be? Though how easy to repair.  For change to come in to my life I’ve got to make some simple but major little adjustments.  So yesterday I turned the dial.   When clearing the boot as  I vacuumed the car I think I might have picked up a signal.  It took the form of a crumpled up flyer that I very nearly binned.  For a small village in suburbia we have quite an active library.  Last year,   Katheryn Stockett read to us – she was booked in before The Help was made in to the Hollywood blockbuster or even topped the reading polls. I doubt we’d get her now.  For £2, Katheryn, a glass of wine, a cheese and grape kebab and an after eight mint.

The flyer was propped on the counter and caught my eye because  it mentioned L.M. Montgomery, author of my favourite story books –  the Anne of Green Gables series. We weren’t getting L.M but ‘a distant relative’. That was enough of a pull for me.  Also an Author and also Canadian.

I hadn’t clocked that there was any text on the flip side of the flyer. But now I was reading about “Nothing matters:  A talk and debate with Ronald Green”.   On the concept of ‘nothing’ in history, philosophy and religion. And given that Nothing had been happening for me, I thought this might be my sign.   Though still with ailing tooth and now a roast dinner in the oven, I got a ‘freedom pass’ for the couple of hours from my DH and hopped in the car making it to the library with moments to spare.  I guessed it might not draw the crowds – a bit esoteric for the elders that bloat the author receptions.  But I didn’t expect a practically empty parking lot.

When I’d rung the library a couple of hours earlier,  I was assured there was no rush on tickets.  Now as I tentatively approached I thought about how a debate might go if there was only me v Ronald Green. Could I fly the flag for ‘something’ in the face of ‘nothing’.

Though lit up, the building was shut.  I looked through the window and saw…nothing.  Well nobody.   I took the  flyer from my jeans pocket and only then focused on the small details. Date right, time right but venue 4 miles away.  Nothing matters went on without me but you know it didn’t really matter.  Points to me – I’d struck out.

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