I’d prefer sticks and stones

My DH had stern words with me as I drove him to the station this morning. I’d made the school drop, thwarted coffee offers and sped back to chauffeur him to his train . Oh and I’d fed the goldfish and the kids, dressed the latter and assembled packed lunches.  He casually asked what my plans were for the day. I thought I might pop in to town.  There was that £10 voucher to spend in the Gap (no other purchase necessary) that expires in days. And an origami set  I needed to complete my niece’s Christmas gift.


Bark is worse than bite

He asked (with an edge) if this was the best use of my time. Of course it wasn’t – we both knew that. There followed a tirade – was I serious about sorting myself out, finding my thing, regaining my mojo. Heck, even nurturing my blog. Guilty on all counts.

Actions speak louder than words. Though I was happy to receive his later in this text:

had my coffee and bun, Sorry for being a bear with a sore head.  You’re lovely really x

I didn’t go to town and had a really productive morning.

He’s lovely too .





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  1. Hi, I met you at Blogfest. You have a great format, and I enjoyed this post. Is there a way to receive updates by email? Thank you and sorry if this is inappropriate.

    1. Hi Tanya,

      Thanks for visiting this site. Yes, it will be possible shortly – I hope to set that up very soon. Maybe if you check back in a week or so. What’s your blog address?

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