Goodness pugnacious me!

It probably started on Sunday.  We missed our usual church service and  to ease my conscience I made a plea to myself that I could always catch the 5 o’clock one instead. Sometimes that’s enough for me. No action required. But I followed through.  And afterwards I wished I hadn’t bothered.  The previous Sunday we sat uncomfortably as a good parishoner urged us to ask ourselves if we were contributing enough to the church’s weekly collections.  Hard hitting pep talk. But then to follow it up as they did ….envelopes with pledge cards and pens handed out to every adult.  We were given some minutes to fill them in before they were collected. I could almost feel the vapour of the parish priest breath on my neck.  Totally OTT.   I did use the pen but only to fess up to my redundancy and therefore my inability to make a pledge.  I shouldn’t have been forced to show my hand like that.

The tone for the week was set.  I found myself being railroaded on some other matters too.  At school. At home. So I kicked back.  And I feel the better of it. I even wrote my first post on mumsnet.   Joining a discussion I’d followed since February.  Goodness pugnacious me!

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