Good medicine

I haven’t blogged for a few weeks. I’ve been struggling with hay fever compounded by post nasal drip (PND – self diagnosis via the internet but it makes sense) where excessive mucas accumulates in the throat and back of nose and wrecks havoc with your head. Right now it’s triggered sinus pain. It will pass.

International author/ healer Louise Hay propagates the idea that sickness originates in the head. By her reckoning I should think what do I need to get off my chest? Who’s getting up my nose? This is the affirmation she prescribes:

“I am one with all my life. No one has the power to irritate me unless I allow it. Peace, harmony. I deny any beliefs in calendars.” I’m not sure if I understand that last bit but I will ponder on it and repeat it in my head when I go on walks.

Yesterday on the way to a National Trust site in the Surrey Hills  – Leith Tower – we came upon The Medicine Garden. This was prophetic. A visit there has been on my mind for some time. It proved to be an effective placebo and I’d choose it over an antihistamine or a blast from a nasal spray any day. Once a Victorian walled kitchen garden now “a space of beauty, a place of ‘good medicine’, a place where the local community could come to be inspired, to relax, to take ‘good medicine’ home with them”. It includes a garden shop, a farm shop,  a gift shop, a cafe and a stretch of decking with canvas sail canopies.

photo (45)

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Parked in the two acre lawn was a pretty vintage caravan called “ The little ray of sunshine”. I gathered that it’s not a permanent fixture but it is there to be enjoyed for the moment. Serving coffees, ice cream, cakes and dollops of feel-good nostalgia. I ordered an ice cream soda float for my two which they loved. I mentioned to the lady in the van that I wanted to introduce them to this favourite tipple from my teens. Her happy memories of floats from Wimpy’s inspired her to include them on the menu. As I went to pay, I was mesmerised by a cluster of custard nests sat on a pretty glass cake stand on the counter. Resistance was futile. Sheets of light filo pastry were fashioned into nests and filled with creme patisserie.  They tasted divine.  And she’s offered to share the recipe with me. How kind.

The visit to the medicine garden was just the tonic I needed.

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    1. Yes, great name for a vehicle. Think I’ll have to go around and re/name all my household appliances and our river soaked car (currently the wet rat).

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