Good fortune

On New Years eve I set a hearty fire. We had a few pals over for drinks and as the year grew closer to its conclusion talk moved on to what we were happy to leave behind in 2013. It was decided that we would settle on one thing, scribble it down on a scrap of paper, blow over it 3 times, roll it into a ball and hurl it into the fire. Next we thought of one word that we wanted to resonate with us through 2014 which we duly wrote down, gave it the 3 buffs and sent it on its way too.

I chose to shed “limitations” and when it landed on the periphery of the grate I reached for the poker and nudged it towards the nucleus of the fire and watched it BURN. This one would not get away.

For my keeper I chose the word “Abundance”. After lean times and lean thoughts I feel I am ready for abundance. Definitions include a large quantity of something; to have more than you need; more than enough and overflowing fulness. An obvious extension of thought is money and no doubt about it that was also on my mind when I chose my word.

But to me it will also mean an abundance of ideas, of opportunities, of possibilities. Freedom from thinking in practical terms. No more cutting my coat according to my cloth. I’m going for a sweeping cloak. I will steer clear of limitations (which,as it happens, is already in ashes in my grate).

Then last night to complete my New Year ritual I went to the deck of Angel cards I was given in the summer. I don’t bother them often. I’m never sure if I handle them correctly or what spread to do. I decided to draw just one card, one Angel, for my year. That was my intention as I started to shuffle the cards over and over waiting until one jumped from my hand. And one did.  I kid you not – Serena – the Angel of Abundance.  Freaky eh or just good fortune.

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