Good enough to fool Santa

It might be good enough to fool Santa, but our easy to assemble, flame retardant tree is not good enough for DH. He pines (I know, I know) for the real thing.

How many more years will DH be able to do this…

And I concede that after four years service from our local garden centre’s best, our life-like tree has paid for itself. But this tree has become an old friend to me – it’s woven itself in to our Christmas traditions. Just as I don’t like freshly cut flowers in the home ( it doesn’t seem right to uproot them for our pleasure and I hate to watch the petals drop and stalks wither) so it is with felling a Christmas tree.

Our artificial tree will be the go-to spot on Christmas morning when the kids find out if they’ve been naughty and/or nice. Last year my son found two potatoes  (beautifully gift-wrapped) amongst his toys in his stocking. When he’s been naughty during the year, I’ve predicted a sack full.  We’ve another 15 days to find out if my boy has been good enough to fool Santa.

He reckons it’s in the bag

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