Even lesser likely to get drunk

A few posts back I mentioned how I ‘acquired’ an Amethyst heart ring. That sounds dodgy. It wasn’t. I purchased it but for only a fiver – so it’s a steal! Though of course I hope it’s not. It did come from the back of a lorry but most of the lots at the antique fair in the racegrounds are sold from trucks. It sat in a bowl with a lot of other less worthy rings – this one clearly stood out. And it fit my ring finger perfectly. I only wear a wedding band so I have a bare hand to dress. At no one elses expense I hope. Years ago, a pal arrived home to find her flat broken in to. Properly plundered. And the dearest items of all were the jewellery and keepsakes belonging to her mother. She’d lost her to cancer when she was 24 and it was like losing her all over again. For months she trawled the high streets looking in jewellery shops and antique markets in case the ring had been sold on. Her own marriage floundered. I think it died that day too. At some level she blamed him for not keeping her precious memories safe.

A year or so later she hawked her own ring to fund a scuba diving holiday. Spectacular as her ring was, I wouldn’t want to be the next sweetheart wearing an engagement ring that had (and pardon the pun in advance) first-hand experience of the sad events that led to ring and wearer separating.

Today I was assured by a crystal healer with clairvoyant inklings (alot more on that in another post – sooo much to share) that the ring wasn’t stolen. Though she instructed me in a cleansing ritual which would make the ring truly mine. After washing it in flowing water, submerge in sea salt, leave for a few hours and then reclaim. It’s already seen me through a root canal procedure. It’s my talisman. My amulet. A gift to myself (though I stung my DH for it – £5 note from his wallet to cover my zumba class that need not be reimbursed). The amethyst was said to offer protection from drunkenness. While I haven’t felt like hitting the bottle while I’m trying to sort out my head, it’s nicely reassuring.

And it is one pretty ring, don’t you think.

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