We’ve known each other girl and woman.  Singleton and partnered, childless and mother.  Happy and sad. I don’t think either of us do carefree. Or at least we haven’t – not in a long time. Right now she is in a lot of pain.  She’s probably my best friend.  I’m not sure if I am hers but that doesn’t take from our friendship.  Her pain is etched across her brow.   I found it hard to hold her gaze  – her eyes showed so much hurt and fear.  It’s like there’s a poltergeist living in her head, hurling boulders and the beatings won’t stop. That was how it was last night. You’d have flinched too if you’d sat opposite her as I had. Today, she smiles and we don’t talk about what we spoke of last night. I’m not sure when we will again.

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