Dare to

Yesterday’s blustery winds and showers blew us rainbows. I dashed to the cafe to get DH a coffee and pastry making it back to the station platform with minutes to spare. My gesture was framed with a rainbow. A perfect arch. A celestial smile (inverted) to start our day. The silo mentality of commuters broken by the spectacle as we “shared” the moment with others waiting for the train.

I wasn’t travelling myself but acting on Malcolm Levene’s advice about random acts of kindness. He said being kind builds our self-esteem. Under his tutelage I wrote a card with a poem for a friend. In a text I sent to my sister – it’s her birthday – I encouraged her to spoil herself for the day and eat cake. She thanked me for reminding her to make a fuss.

My actions weren’t altruistic but they were sincere (coming from a place of authenticity).

Later in the afternoon we get another rainbow. I’ve never seen one with such vivid colours and definition especially from the violet (Marcia, what does this mean?). I tried to capture it with my phone camera so I quickly pulled over and hopped out of the car. When I looked up it faded before my eyes. Puff. A fleeting moment. But long enough for me to marvel at the wonder of it all.

“Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.”(Lyman Frank Baum).




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  1. Hi. Do you know the art and textile work of Sonia Delaunay ? Lots of colour and shapes. I think you might enjoy looking her up if you don’t know her work. Bev [ Orchard Foundation ]

  2. Up to my eyes in homework and over half-term as well. A huge shock to the system this course. I love it. Yes – my essay passed.Thrilled about that. Launching my new poetry pamphlet ‘Flowers in the Blood’ at St. James’s Wine Vaults Nov.7th in Bath. A low key affair I think. I have two poems in ‘ The Book of Love and Loss’ which is on the poetry circuit at present. Busy time. Glad your essay is in the Orchard. May it grow for you. Bev x

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