A pal’s water breaks…can I take her sons while she makes the hospital dash. I hop from the bed I’d taken to a couple of hours earlier, weak with menstrual pains, to receive the two little boys full of anticipation as their family expands and diversifies (it’s to be a girl!). The implications of the offer slowly dawning on DH as he realises this is the night I’ve offered to babysit for another pal.  A night out I reckon won’t happen as that friend, whose family she considers complete, has just found out that her ‘late’ period will not come without intervention.  Meanwhile I wonder if I should cancel the arrangements for tomorrow.  My son’s godmother offered to take our two off our hands while she and her boyfriend take them to the London Aquarium, the South Bank and to some child-friendly eatery for their tea.  She has never regretted the sterilisation procedure she had a couple of years back.  I’m guessing gestures like these reinforce her resolve.  Four women.  Connected. Colliding.

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