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Maybe I needed this jolt on a Saturday in July that marked the start of the summer school holidays. Four old friends connected by a past employer meeting up. It […]


The man in the shed

There’s a wooden hut at a busy junction near us. It’s about the size of a bus shelter with a back and two sides. The missing flank means it’s open […]


New word for New year

A loveable day. It’s up there with my birthday. It shouldn’t have to take a new year to start new practices but it helps me to. This is my year […]




When No means Yes

I used to hate endings and I’d avoid them at all costs. I especially hated last days in jobs and wished I had the audacity to pull a sickie as […]

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Blogfest 2015

Blogfest falls in November as does my birthday so I gifted myself a ticket to the “annual celebration of sharp writing and big ideas” that makes up Mumsnet Blogfest. A […]