Breaking with Good today

Seven days a week I set my clock for 6.26. The alarm goes and I hop out of bed. There’s no gentle entry into the day, no sneaky tap on the snooze button. I mightn’t be working earning but I’m not slacking. First one up in our house. Figuring out. The Purpose-hunter.

But I feel tired today. Weary. So I ignored the 6.26 call and rose at 7. I’m writing off this day. Well rewriting it. I have to do the school run. But afterwards I will crawl back into my bed in a room that’s messy and needs sorting (the metaphor for my life is not lost on me). I’ll sleep some. I’ll watch an episode of Breaking Bad. I’ll read. I’ll sleep some more. I’ll respond to my alarm and do the school run again. It’s OK to have a day like this. I’ll resume at 6.26 tomorrow.

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