My 7 year-old asks me if Santa will have activated his Christmas list. He’s getting too much stick as a Chelsea supporter and wants to support Man U instead. Can he make an amendment? I tell him Santa can still be flexible. The elves haven’t started on his order yet.

I’m reminded of an order I placed a fortnight ago. As I drove past our local racecourse I noted that  a “Mind Body Soul exhibition” was happening that weekend.  My sister would be visiting from Ireland. We’d pop along. She’s also interested in the esoteric. We caught the tail end. Stall holders were starting to pack up and there was only one workshop still to play. “Cosmic Ordering Made Easy”.  So we sat in on it – an hour with an author of a book of the same title, There and then I placed an order. Later today I’ll find out if I was heard. Perhaps my boy has something to teach me.  That he can write a list and believe it will be actioned. Can it be that simple.
















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