Auspicious poop

Years ago, as a backpacker on a tight budget, I was aware of the significance of the first sale of the day amongst market traders. Considered an auspicious event, if you committed to the purchase you’d be sure to get a good price and certainly a blessing. I became the owner of a hand carved big bellied budda in Ubud, Bali in such a manner. Yes, this is my first post of the year and I write it as one who, mere days in to the new year, was shat upon by a bird. What a stroke of good fortune. I was with friends in Kew Gardens when I felt a hot pelt of poo splat on my glasses and forehead before it dripped on to my cardigan.  Of course someone had a camera phone so I can share the moment with you here.  The kids loved it.

I do look for divine signposts and was happy to record this one as an omen for good – a singling out by the Gods.  One of our party said the luck is that pigs don’t fly.  But maybe they will for me this year.




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