Art attack

What’s an acceptable time for me to hold on to the art work my children brought  from school this week? It’s bin day tomorrow and I am fighting the urge to purge. The kids spilled out of their classrooms carrying bulging portfolios as big as themselves. There are some pictures I’d like to keep but must I hold on to it all? I’ve ear-marked a couple of pieces for posting to grandparents in Ireland. A few will make it on to the wall. I’ll already weeded out some drawings which I know will not be missed.

My daughter was delighted with her brother’s Lenten promise at first. Written on a flame  it reads “I will be nise to my sister”.  Less obvious is the periphery text : “The Hole  Spirit givs me courage to stand up to my sister”. I’ll not be dumping that. We’ll all enjoy that in a decade or so.

photo (76)

photo (78)


I love that they’ve been creative. Proof that school is not all about SATs and structure. But what’s a family to do with an African hut?


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    1. I thought I had it bad until I bumped into a pal and daughter today in the supermarket after pick-up and she had a model river basin in tow!

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