An evening with a difference and some kick ass

I’m on the lookout for a donkey. It might cross my path though that’s unlikely in London. Or maybe it’ll crop up in conversation. I might hear a donkey carol on the radio or spot one in a crib. Highly plausible given the season. I’ll be sure to pause and take note.

My donkey quest is a result of my attendance last Wednesday at a workshop on Inspirational writing. I was intrigued when the flyer came through the door. A fiver for the taster session, an event at Richmond literature festival and linked to an exhibition running at Orleans Gallery on Madge Gill (medium and visionary). Destiny was calling. While I knew nothing about Madge, her ink drawings looked familiar. She wouldn’t be leading as she’s dead (she walked this earth until 1961) though given the topic I wouldn’t have been surprised if ‘she dropped in’, metaphysically speaking.

madge gill

For a hostile midweek evening – wet and cold outside – there was a good turnout. Sixteen of us. Sara, our workshop leader, is a tutor at the College of Psychic studies. She’s also a healer and coach. She works with Spirit communicators, her main man being the very wise Master Chow. He walked this earth before Jesus though he has had thousands of lifetimes as a Spirit being. He’s quite mischievous, according to Sara.  She tells us that most of what she knows, she’s heard from Master Chow.

The evening would be an introduction to writing via inspiration  “allowing the words to flow without judgement whilst understanding their origin and purpose in a supportive and encouraging environment”.  We are a curious and confused bunch and there’s much to ask.  Especially from the eccentric couple sitting across from me.  Seniors, he’s in a tweed 3 piece and she wears a hot pink polyester trouser suit. I imagine they live in a bohemian pile and later I hear them invite a woman to their ‘salon-style’ open house on Tuesdays in the company of artists, sculptors, poets, philosophers. That fits.

He’s the only man among us. He asks so many questions and looks for so much clarification it doesn’t take a mind reader to see that Sara is getting a teeny bit agitated. She has a lot to cover so she tries to move things along. When Sara introduced us to Master Chow – by reputation only – the gent in tweeds comes back with “Our daughter is involved with a Chinese man”.

“Very good”, says our tutor, anxious to push on.

“He died 300 years”, ago he continues.

None of us expected that.  Or maybe our tutor did as she’s psychic.

He tells us his daughter speaks Chinese though she never had lessons. The evening was full of similar disclosures. Evidence of other world activity though there were no sceptics here.

Sara did a Who’s Who of the spirit world. We heard about Archangels, Ascended masters, Gods, Shamans, Spirit guides

We’re told that each of us has three spirit guides who are with us from birth. A guided exercise would give us an opportunity to get acquainted or at least make contact with them and hopefully yield messages either for our self or another. Guides are dead people but it’s very unlikely that they would have been known to us in our lifetime ,or that they are family members as many among us had hoped.

With that , we shut our eyes and focused on our breathing as we slipped into a relaxed and open state to receive our visitors.  Sara had told us that our intent was important. Don’t let any riff raft in.

 I did feel a hot sensation on my right hand (which held my pen) but it didn’t take flight and write a directive as it seemed to do for the woman seated next to me. Instead I got a strong image of the colour Magenta. Not bad for a first timer. I was intrigued to hear that a woman opposite was given the word Enough. I didn’t want to hijack her spiritual experience but I did wonder if wires crossed and the word was meant to land on my lap given last week’s blog post.

Next she paired us up.  We would do the exercise again but this time we’d ask with the intentions of another in mind. Sara said we might find we are less resistant to receive something on someone else’s behalf.

So I was matched with Jenny*. Earlier Jenny mentioned how she’d written two books and one was with the aid of her Spirit Guide. I had lucked out.  She and Spirit had history. Jenny got plenty on me. Here’s where the donkey comes in. Jenny was presented with a donkey. ‘What could it mean”. Maybe there’s a message for me about being obstinate. Do I need a kick up the ass. Probably.

As well as the donkey I heard some lovely reassuring things. General and universal yes, but still lovely and hopeful too so what’s the harm in that. Jenny mentioned I’d get a pleasant surprise and two days later I did. It seemed to fit the prediction. She told me I needed to take a break away in the sun. I’ve written an account of Mumsnet blogfest and entered the Mark Warner bloggers competition with a family holiday as prize.  Is a win being predicted? Time will tell.

She saw a beach ball and frolicking on a strand. I was instructed to be more playful. To get in touch with my inner child. I’m studying counselling and we do a lot of inner child work. Coins were spotted, money would come in. Trust and Let Go. In a funny way I needed to hear that.

And for Jenny? I didn’t get as much on her – being new to Spirit. I saw a black fury hat and a skyline with eastern orthodox cathedrals blanketed in snow. And vodka shots. I knew she liked to write so I’d asked if there was any message of a literary nature and Samuel Beckett came to mind.

I left it to Jenny to join the dots while I thought about my donkey.

* Some names have been changed to protect anonymity.



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