A diarist since I was gifted one for my tenth birthday. An obsessive keeper through my teens, exploited by OCD – honestly you’ll die in your sleep if you don’t write tonight. Lapses along the way and I lived. Blogging seems right.

Somewhere along the way, I’d lost my essence/spirit. I wasn’t the woman my husband fell in love with. My kids hadn’t met her.

I’m having another shot at it. I’m hoping this blog will document my efforts and maybe it will mirror some of your own. I’m on a journey to find my purpose, reach my potential.

I was made redundant from a communications post in the public sector I held for 10 years. I was slowly dying in there so happy for the ejection. Right now I’m figuring out what to do next. I’ve a feeling it’s all going to be about the figuring out – that’s where I’ll find my best learning.

I love to get out – new places, new people, new experiences. I worked with an airline for a decade to satisfy my wanderlust. I bake too. I’ll do a cake to death then move on. I’m not much of a cook. DH reckons I prefer baking over cooking because cakes net better reactions for less effort. Probably.

My daughter displays a lot of mini-me.  Is that nature or nurture?  She loves to write and befriend, to walk miles and climb mountains.  She’s game for anything.  Kind and caring. Industrious.  Never to utter ‘What can I do now?’.

My son is a bundle of energy.  Passionate about everything, he gives the best reactions!  Often overheard saying ‘Wow!, Epic! Really?”

amb-500Before childcare needs, I loved going to book readings and have heard some of the greats – Joseph Heller, President Jimmy Carter, Edna O’Brien, Lionel Shiver, Annie Proulx, PJ O Rourke, Richard Ford, Ian McEwan, Zadie Smith….

Though everyone has a story and I get my kicks from those now…



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  1. Hi MarieTherese – heard you had a blog & read your articles in Irish Times. Love your writing, best of luck with it.S

  2. Marie Therese, Gabrielle here, from Ted Bowman’s workshop. Check out my novel Hush Hush, available from Corazon Books on Amazon, from 17th Nov 2014. x

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