A birthday well spent

Birthdays are like new note pads – full of promise and expectation. Hey, my sentiments could be on a greeting card. Though they are bubblegum compared to Emerson’s. I received his bon mots from a friend this morning. What a great measure of a good life…

bday card

My daughter woke me up with her personalised greeting in verse. The boy did a drawing. They shopped for me at a local christmas fete on Saturday. It is an annual event and falls days before my birthday so it’s where my gifts come from. She chose well this year.  Cute little wine glass charms. I won’t have to match lipstick shades with glasses anymore. The penguin stays in my purse to be whipped out wherever I drink. He gets his first outing tomorrow night at a BYO Chinese meal with a bunch of fellow scorpions.

photo 2 (3)

Nobel wishes from friends today….


So I didn’t get the posh dinner. I didn’t get four helpings just for me either. But I did have a wedge of Victoria sponge over coffee with a dear pal and her Irish mother.  We had a good ol’shop too at one of the Mary Portas Living and Giving shops. We all found a gem. I like that a selection has already taken place with these second time around clothes. I’m not overwhelmed. And prices are so good – you can afford to be playful and buy  something a la carte. I couldn’t resist the sparkle.

photo 1 (3)

I’ve chosen a word to journey with me through the year – THRIVE.  I like it. It puts wings on SURVIVE and LIVE and even I’VE.  I love my birthdays.  I’ve done this one well.

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