Picture this…

Yesterday I spied 7 trucks parked on the curb opposite a church.  They were loaded with floral tributes to commemorate the passing of a local traveller. On board and made out of flowers were a giant slush puppy (it dwarfed my 7 year old), a robinson’s orange bottle, a life-size washing machine, a sofa, a truck, a traditional cottage, a landscaped house with garden (so well made I recognised the home), Elvis, a guitar and a heart. Wreaths spelt out her name in letters and “What news” which I am guessing was a catchphrase of the deceased.  The floral art would have made for great photos but it didn’t seem right to take out my camera. So like an itch I couldn’t scratch I showed restraint and walked on by. RIP Aunty Phyllis, you must have been quite the character.


A week in pictures…

photo (93)

Sunday treat – blow a pound at the sweet cafe…

photo (96)

Avoiding the summer slide – reading with Papa who’s over from Ireland for the week

How many cooks does it take to make a crumble...3 if they picked the berries.

How many cooks does it take to make a crumble?  Three if they’ve picked the berries

Awakening curiosity

Awakening curiosity at Kew Gardens

I feel like a transport cafe on legs - Dame Edna
I feel like a transport cafe on legs – Dame Edna

A taste of culture at the V&A

photo (88)

Perfect pitch – papped outside the science museum


A couple of visits to the local lido – very early to avoid the crowds with bribe promise of porridge and bacon butties on the terrace and late in the evening as the pool empties

photo (97)

One of our river crossings.  Peas get bad press. These two are prepared to give peas a chance!

photo (90)

Reads:  To Henry, you have roy le bin invited to Sawyer and Amber and Beas Roil (Royal) tea party. Wure posh cloths and spec (speak) posh intil you get bord of it.

Tea party yet to happen – maybe for another post.