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It’s a wonderful life

During the week I questioned my six-year old on why he’s finding it difficult to settle these nights and he simply said “There’s so much wonder in life – how […]

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Paradise found in a Liberty’s scent

A marble bust on the window sill of the Poetry Cafe caught my attention during a writing exercise. From his perch, he headed our oblong table. Who was he and […]

Thwarted (or how I didn’t become a mystery shopper)

” You could do this while still looking for your Purpose”. I didn’t want to be a shirker and DH had been very patient with my recent explorations into the […]

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Drama in the Book Group

2014 is my year of learning. It follows 2013, my year of yearning (not a lot of action, but forming ideas of where I wanted to be), with 2015 earmarked […]

What have we got here # 2

The big hit in santa’s looty was our boy’s electric guitar which just pipped at the post the junior punch bag and boxing glove set. For a couple of weeks […]

What have we got here # 1

To most, this is simply a bottle of shower gel. Though maybe it’s not the bottle you’d buy when the one in your bathroom is low. Enriched with relaxing P.D.O […]