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2014 – it’s there for the taking

When I look back over the diaries I kept as a child and turn to those blank freestyle pages at the back of the notebooks I learn more about my […]

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A narrative

What started out as a post for this blog sprouted wings and took flight. In fact it’s only getting its’ outing here now despite being written some time ago. It […]

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Covent Garden where worlds and words converged

There’s a game at which we Irish excel, that doesn’t involve balls,sticks or horses and is played out whenever we encounter a fellow compatriot.  It does rely on wide circles, […]

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193 steps

On disembarking at Covent Garden I knew what I had to do. I’ve been doing it since I was 21 and had first stepped off the tube at this same […]


Holidays – for fun and firsts

Unlike my children, whose lives and milestones have been documented in video clips and picture files, the pictorial record of my childhood fits into a couple of chocolate boxes. Looking through […]

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What do you see…Two cans of Heinz Spaghetti? Last night walking back from the station having taken the 23.12  from Waterloo I saw something else. Security and defence. I was […]