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madge gill

An evening with a difference and some kick ass

I’m on the lookout for a donkey. It might cross my path though that’s unlikely in London. Or maybe it’ll crop up in conversation. I might hear a donkey carol […]

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Since when did Waitrose start employing kids? Only a child could dream this up. I am hosting my book club this evening and need to bake and cook and clean […]

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More than enough – Blogfest 2013

I have a very vivid memory from a moment in my childhood.  I’m sat at my desk in third class. I must be 8 or 9 and I’m having a […]

Leg it – it’s the only way to go

We were going out to dinner.  That was settled. No wriggle room. That’s how they did send offs in this company.  Left to me, I’d have thrown a sickie on […]

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Omissions – rookie fairies and busy parents

My son couldn’t understand how the tooth fairy had forgotten about his tooth.  Frankly nor could I. DH and I shared accusatory glances. I wonder aloud if perhaps in wrapping […]

The curse of my friendship

We’ve a saying around these parts that goes something like this…Get close to me and you’re off.  On an upward trajectory to better things – better jobs and bigger homes…and […]