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The cake is up for grabs

Last week at counselling class we were asked to think about our “family motto”. What’s our strapline. Our USP. The script we were handed down by our parents or the […]


Busy bodies

Driving home on the school run last week, I spot an elderly woman pruning her rhododendrons . I know her now as Joan. Some months ago, Joan held a plant […]


The 7.21 to Waterloo has left the station

When I was a commuter I was cheered in the mornings with a little ticket window banter from the sweet man at the train station, taking my fare. We’d talk […]

Breaking with Good today

Seven days a week I set my clock for 6.26. The alarm goes and I hop out of bed. There’s no gentle entry into the day, no sneaky tap on […]


Saturday: The Drink after the Think

There was more to my Saturday than Philosophy. I belong to a book club with benefits. Sure, we select, read and dissect a novel like most book clubbers but we […]

Being Awake – for 3 minutes at least

John Lewis on Saturday morning. Business as usual for most. Not all though. Some of us are searching for meaning not a bargain. Eight of us at any rate. We […]