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Naughty and nice

When my husband reprimanded our 5-year-old son for some or other misdemeanour he shot back with this (his voice loaded with hurt and anger): “On my 3rd letter to Santa I […]

Dinosaur book and vitamins

Vitamins junkie with Palaeontologist son

A wise person does at once, what a fool does at last  (Baltasar Gracian) Yesterday I received a text from a market research company recruiting for a focus group. Would […]



This last year has been a struggle.  I’ve felt stagnant, paralysis, inertia, lost. Though interestingly nothing that would keep me awake at night. In fact sleep was a relief, a welcome […]


Good enough to fool Santa

It might be good enough to fool Santa, but our easy to assemble, flame retardant tree is not good enough for DH. He pines (I know, I know) for the […]

Irish coffee

Memories are made of these

It takes more than a couple of years for a practice to become a family tradition but we’ll get there. As our neighbours took their leave on Friday night, they […]


Dublin – still twinkling after all these years

When Mary Robinson took up residency at Aras an Uachtarain,  the official home of the President of Ireland, she famously placed a candle (electric I understand) in the window to […]