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I’d prefer sticks and stones

My DH had stern words with me as I drove him to the station this morning. I’d made the school drop, thwarted coffee offers and sped back to chauffeur him to his […]

I'm second from the left

Christmas is definitely here – its time for The Gathering

Dublin here I cooooome! Every year for a weekend before Christmas myself, my three sisters and my mother leave our respective domestic situations behind us and, via trains (3), planes […]

First News

Passing on the baton

After our audience with Judith Kerr, on leaving the theatre we decided to wait until the rugby crowd had made their way to Twickenham stadium before attempting our journey home. […]

An audience with Judith Kerr

Richmond town centre on a rugby match day is best avoided. The pavements are awash with supporters who spill out of the pubs and restaurants long before kick-off. On Saturday my daughter […]

And to think I nearly didn’t go…

Since losing my job last year, money’s tight.  With small change left in my redundancy packet, it was with a heavy heart I decided I couldn’t sanction the cost of […]

A clear day

The Breastcare nurse at the hospital suggested I call her direct line to hear the results of my mammogram. That was because last year the receptionist at my local doctors […]