Where did the summer go…

My Olympic highlight would have to be seeing the last leg of the torch relay at Hampton Court, then watching the flame start it’s journey down the Thames on the Glorianna, the opening ceremony just hours away. Later we located ourselves on the BBC coverage which added to our fun. Though up at 5am to get our vantage point at HC, we lasted til after midnight as we watched the ceremony broadcast on TV as guests at a neighbours Olympic BBQ. Days after the closing ceremony we spotted double gold medal winner Mo Farah running through Bushy Park.

I discovered Cornwall! Just as I must have heard childbirth is painful it was a sorry revelation to me the day I pitched up for my daughter’s delivery – I’ve been in circles where pals must have raved about Cornwall but it was it felt like such a discovery when I finally got to experience it myself. Passing the most idyllic sunny days along the North Cornish coast, we were like extras from a fifties novel – four go coving. The Bedruthan steps steps will be a mecca for us for summers to come.

Downton Abbey is back on screens. Before the season premiered, myself and some girlfriends spent a day at Highclere Castle, the ‘real Downton’ or at least where TV reality is filmed. Smaller than it appears on screen, I’m enjoying watching the drama unfold, knowing what’s physically just out of shot etc. Highclere’s own story is a riveting and I’ve just got it out from the library – Lady Almina and the real Downton Abbey.